SingStrong 2016!

SingStrong was held April 1-3, 2016 at South Lakes High School in Reston. Students from around the DC Area gathered for concerts, classes and other educational opportunities. The Chorus of the Old Dominion sent several members and our director to lead a class on Singing Tags. What's a tag, you ask? A tag is the end of a song, where there is typically a long sustained note or swell, or something else that makes it the best part of a song. Barbershoppers love to sing tags at rehearsal, BHS competitions and events and just socially. The students were very interested in learning how to create 4-part harmony. And tags, which are typically the last 20-40 seconds of a song, are managable teaching sizes.

Watch the following clip to see one of the tags we taught students, under the direction of John David Maybury (r) with assistance from Phil Rhoderick (l), one of our basses.